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By blending big thinking, meticulous craft and our straight-talking approach we help our clients make a meaningful, lasting impact. But just don't take our word for it, read what they've got to say about working with us.


“The agency and digital marketing landscape has changed so much since we set up. We’ve experienced rapid growth and have some bold plans for the future, we realised that our brand no longer reflected us or represented our agency. However, we recognised it needs to play a critical role in differentiating us, helping us attract the best team and attract clients who deserve better results. This wasn’t just getting a new logo for us. It was about redefining our story, unlocking our personality, evolving our identity and being braver and more consistent across our brand communications.

We chose Better for their process. It was critical that they challenged our thinking, immersed themselves in our business, understood our market, and engaged our team and clients. It really helped validate some of our perceptions, but more importantly it uncovered all the things that make Mabo so special, the things we just don’t talk about. The BetterBrandBuilder process has helped us be bolder and have more confidence with our brand. It’s led to a more relevant and much stronger new brand, a brand that the agency and team can be proud of which will set the foundations for our further growth.”


“We now have a new brand and all the supporting messaging and material to drive the business forward with more clarity and confidence than ever before.”

“Our long-term partnership with Better has been instrumental in elevating the Access brand, thanks to their deep understanding of our brand, vision and goals. What we’ve created is a fusion of consumer technology brands and luxury interior design, giving us something that we think is really fresh. It’s a unique brand for the home mobility market. We were delighted with the reception the new brand received, and we’re excited about what it means for the future of Access BDD and our partner network.”

Adam Wakes

Head of Marketing

“Working with Better has been transformative for our organization. We have walked away with category-defining design and branding that is backed by consumer research and honors the identity of our company. We are fully equipped to scale to new heights thanks to Better.”

Alex Vailas

SVP Brand Marketing, DYPER

“Better has helped us to ‘rebrand’ our way of thinking, which in turn is having a major commercial impact on our business. We transitioned to a group offering and the brand process and strategic recommendations from Better at the time were the catalysts for this. Our turnover is up by 35%, and gross profit is up by 61% since 2021. I’d say the new brand, together with the external launch of the group and more effective marketing activity, has played a fundamental role in that growth. The brand continues to position us for growth and ensures that our story truly ties together our past, present and future.”

Michael Shakesheff

Managing Director, Casper Group

“Their foundational work helped set the stage for the HIPPEAS 2023 campaign platform, codifying our ownables and equities, our values and manifesto, and a storytelling framework for consumer communications.”

Julia Hecht

CMO, Hippeas Snacks

“Dropps was first launched back in the mid-2000’s before shopping for household consumables online was commonplace. After 13+ years, it was time to transform Dropps into the digital-first company it is today. The team at Better has been the ideal partner: they’re thoughtful and intentional in their approach, and landed our brand blade ‘Eliminate the Stupid, Elevate the Core’ perfectly. The day after the new brand and website launched, we saw our best sales ever. Our loyal customers expressed joy over the new look and feel, but still recognised it as the same Dropps they know and love.”

Sydney Waldron

Director of Marketing, Dropps

“We like Better because they are both strategic and aesthetic. Originating a good-looking, professional design system is one thing, but crafting a truly distinctive brand by leveraging category and consumer insight is quite another. This is the higher level of service our CPG brands require and why so many of them have chosen to partner with Better.”

JP Thurlow

Craft Partner, The Craftory

“TVCA has changed a lot in scope and remit since it first came into being, and it was clear a refresh was needed. It was great to work with a local company that is as passionate about the area as we are to simplify the brand. In this new-look Tees Valley, we are able to communicate clearly with people about who we are, what we’re doing, and what we’re aiming to achieve, and that Anything is Possible – whether that be for those visiting, investing, working or travelling in our area.”

Craig Peacock

Head of Marketing and Communications, Tees Valley Combined Authority

“We had grown up and it was time to change our brand look and feel to reflect this. 2018 was the year of rethinking, redesign and repositioning for Equinox. With the new brand complete, the big boys started to take notice. We’ve developed new partnerships with Holland & Barrett, Co-Op and Mitchells & Butler. Since the new brand was launched we’ve secured additional investment from Yeo Valley and seen a 100% increase in sales within our key listings across Europe.”

Daniel Spayne

Managing Director, Equinox

“For the brand refresh, we wanted to elevate Additional Lengths’ look and feel while bringing consistency to our guidelines. At the same time, it was also a chance to raise the brand’s visual quality inline with our products. The rebrand has had nothing but a positive effect. Not only is our vision clearer for our customers, it’s inspired our team and helped them realise where we’re heading and how we’ll get there. The process has truly brought our vision and brand story to life. It’s made our message clear and empowered both our team and our customers.”

Victoria Lynch

Founder and Managing Director, Additional Lengths

“Better fully coded the brand, defined the masterbrand story bringing forward Freddie’s master florist expertise and the quintessential Englishness of his artisanship.”

JP Thurlow

Craft Partner, The Craftory

“We are moving forward as one team on one site with one aim: to deliver the site ready for the investments which will unleash its potential and help transform Tees Valley. With one team comes the need for one identity and brand. We turned to the brilliant Better agency, in Middlesbrough; its director Paul Bell and his team became the brains behind our brand. And we hope Teesworks works for both the international investor, and the welder from Ingleby Barwick.”

Ben Houchen

Tees Valley Mayor

“We found the process incredibly structured and insightful; not only from a brand outcome perspective but also because it really helped us focus on how we wanted to sell and market the platform and components we had built. In terms of the end result; the brand and website have more than exceeded our expectation, and the feedback from our customers has been really positive.”

Matt McGrillis

CTO & Co-Founder, Send

“The HIPPEAS Big Idea is a great example of taking the grain of something cool then expanding it to work for a much bigger brand future. It plays with language in a way that’s distinctive and direct but, crucially, it paves the way for growth by attacking the category dichotomy. Better created a platform that struck a delicate balance between retro nostalgia and relevancy; between the spirit of ‘67 and the reality of ‘23. There is real value added by defining where that line should be drawn.”

JP Thurlow

Craft Partner, The Craftory

“After celebrating over 22 years in business, it was a great time for us as a company to undergo a detailed review of our brand. The brief to Better was simple we wanted to ensure that we had a brand which was future-proof. Better acted as the impartial voice who challenged our thinking. I am delighted with the new Visualsoft brand. It embodies the clear vision we have as a company, plus the “think bigger” ambitions we have for our clients, partners and employees.”

Dean Benson

CEO, Visualsoft

“The refreshing and enticing visuals, coupled with the captivating messaging, perfectly captured the essence of summer and the delightful experience of enjoying sorbetto. The team’s talent and artistic flair were evident in this campaign. Your efficiency made the entire process smooth and stress-free. It was also an absolute pleasure working with Better. Your open communication, willingness to listen, and collaborative spirit made the experience enjoyable and productive.”

Maddie Fletcher

Content & Community Manager, Remeo Gelato

“I knew that if I wanted to create a globally recognised business course, it was essential to have a world class brand. I had known for many years that if I was ever in the fortunate position to invest, it was always going to be with Better. Their past experience of creating exceptional brands was exactly what I was looking for and the team nailed it at the first attempt. The new brand will help me reach my target for the business and is an essential building block in its future success.”

Steve Pugh

Founder, Roadmap MBA

“After working initially on some small creative projects, Better have become a key part of the PD Ports brand and marketing function. As partners they continue to help us to sharpen our brand proposition and deliver brand continuity across all our online and offline media. They are a friendly and experienced team, they are always prepared to go the extra mile.”

Kirsten Donkin

Head of PR & Communications, PD Ports

“We are Middlesbrough is designed to build local pride and support businesses all around town. The team at the council that worked alongside Better care passionately about Middlesbrough. We love it for what it is and are excited about what the future holds. Having the space to tell uplifting stories from all walks of life is brilliant for us. We want people to feel positive about our town. I’m dead proud that this brand is made in Middlesbrough. Better’s design and development work has been top class.”

Andrew Glover

Head of Marketing and Communications, Middlesbrough Council

“We are now attracting and retaining a significantly higher value of client, which was the ultimate objective. The key KPIs that we track which show growth are turnover, number of clients, recurring income and average client value. All are up between 40% and 60% in 2016/2017. What this shows is that we are now attracting and retaining a significantly higher value of client, which was the ultimate objective, so the investment in the rebrand project worked a treat!”

Karl Pemberton

Managing Partner, Active CFP

“We chose Better for their process. It was critical that they challenged our thinking, immersed themselves in our business, understood our market, and engaged our team and clients. It really helped validate some of our perceptions, but more importantly, it uncovered all the things that make Mabo so special, the things we just don’t talk about. Their brand development process helped us be bolder and have more confidence in our brand. It’s led to a more relevant and much stronger new brand, a brand that the agency and team can be proud of which will set the foundations for our further growth.”

Lee Mableson

Managing Director, Mabo

“It’s the perfect time for a rebrand as the business has developed significantly over the past ten years. The new brand reflects our vision going forward and our streamlined full service offering. It’s taken time to refine our brand and we’re thrilled to have worked with Better throughout this process to finally bring our vision to life. We are thoroughly looking forward to seeing our new brand out there.”

Tony Snaith

CEO, Communicate

“Developing the Lumo brand was key to differentiating our R&D service from the work we do as an accountancy practice. The brand is bright, vibrant and distinctive, which reflects our approach and helps set us apart from others. It is not only visually striking and easily recognised, though. The brand is built around our key proposition and has defined Lumo’s positioning in helping businesses to exploit innovations strategically. The brand has enabled Lumo to gain a great reputation in the marketplace and win some big name R&D claims helping Lumo to almost double the turnover the year after launch.”

Joanne Warren

Managing Director, Lumo

“As part of a new and vibrant garden city, Ashmere needed to feel aspirational and tranquil in equal measure, while still being distinctive enough to stand out from developments close by. From immersion through to execution, Better’s process and team understood the development and felt empowered by its potential as well as the wider area. The result is a brand that elevates Ashmere as a unique place where your own space and your own pace allow you to reconnect and refresh.”

Victoria Finch

Sales Director, South East Region, Clarion Housing

“The team at Better have done an incredible job of defining and creating our new brand story. Our firm is at a crucial stage in its development as 2016 saw us exceed our growth expectations. Therefore, it’s important that our brand reflects our plans and showcases what we do and how we do it. The team at Better have done an incredible job of defining and creating our new brand story, which is already having an impact on every part of the firm, from business development to recruitment.”

Lee Bramley

Managing Partner, Endeavour Partnership

“The talented team from Better were excellent in teasing out any views, ideas, concerns and issues and exploring each one. They were able to deal with some challenges expertly with tact and diplomacy, bringing the whole team along to a conclusion which everyone agreed to. A particular highlight was the process of engaging colleagues, impressing upon them the need for change and thinking about the personal and organisational impact for the businesses we support. The introspection was not expected when we set out on this journey, but it was a welcome benefit.”

Peter Kiernan

Marketing Manager, Business Durham

“We reviewed several agencies when choosing a partner for our rebrand and Better stood out from the very beginning. Their clear focus on strategy through design was exactly what we were looking for and exactly what we got. Better got under the skin of who we were and what we were about creating a brand that resonates with each of our staff and now our clients. We were a challenging client, but Paul and John delivered. We now have a new brand and all the supporting messaging and material to drive the business forward with more clarity and confidence than ever before.”

Tony Prosser

CEO, Realtime

“In the last year since the rebrand, our sales have grown significantly, and also the customer perception of us has grown. We are now regarded as a higher quality and more desirable brand, and it’s fair to say we are succeeding in getting orders because of that, at a higher price than the competition charge. I don’t suppose this is solely down to the branding, but it clearly had a part in it. We have had comments from customers and suppliers to the effect that they regard us as a professional corporate company rather than an old-fashioned family one. I would attribute a lot of this to the rebranding.”

Antony James

Managing Director, Sterling

“Metropolitan appointed Better as lead agency as we were really impressed by their process, experience, passion and energy. Following their work on the place brand for our flagship development at Clapham Park, we are also looking forward to working with Mark and the team at Better to develop scheme led brands for a number of our other development projects across the South.”

James Chatt Collins

Sales and Marketing Director, MTVH

“Better’s experience of brand strategy and development ensured our rebrand process uncovered, challenged and delivered key insights which helped inform a clear positioning and creative direction for the new brand. We chose Better as our partner agency not only because they came highly recommended with very credible local endorsement but also had an impressive and immediate understanding of the aims of the project. With strategy, creative and digital in-house skills, they were able to support all aspects of the project from brand development to digital delivery.”

Katy Parkinson

CEO, Sound Training

“Although we only launched our new name and brand a year ago it feels like a well-tailored suit we’ve been wearing for years and the Better team were fundamental in helping us realise this and exceeded expectations in capturing the essence of Definition and what we stand for.  Our new name and look has unified us and better represents our belief in the power of reputation as a driver of personal and business opportunity. I also believe it’s been a key factor in us raising the bar on the calibre of international work we have won this year – often against global agency networks.”

Louise Vaughan

Managing Director & Co-Founder

“We exist to improve the NHS in our region. Everything we do revolves around raising money to enhance services and ultimately enrich our region’s well-being. We wanted our new brand to communicate our vision and purpose better and improve how they tell our story, personalise our brand and increase awareness of the life-changing difference the charity makes. We are incredibly grateful to Better, who have worked with us over the last couple of months to define, create and launch our new brand. The new brand has been very well received by our board, team, partners and beneficiaries.”

Ben Murphy

CEO, Our Hospitals Charity

“We recognised the charity needed support with its brand but didn’t know where to start. Better has helped us to be clear about our purpose and develop our story to represent how the charity was evolving. The team at Better has also helped sensitively evolve our identity to ensure it matures with the charity and supports our growth plans. I wanted the logo to be a symbol of positivity and hope.

“The original logo was designed by our three girls and was the idea of a friend of Russ’, and so it will always represent the charity for me. “Transitioning the truck from a beautiful and meaningful sketch into a professional identity that truly represented the charity was the starting point. Better did that and more, drawing out meaning to build a unique and relatable brand style. Featuring the headlight orange which has special significance to our family, Better developed a primary colour palette supported by a warm, crafted and welcoming type choice. This added relevance and narrative to the toolkit, which was further complemented by a set icon and image style, alongside reframed headlight elements that act as a brand device to illuminate journeys; the ups and downs of life; and the progress that can always be made.”

Catherine Devereux

Founder, Headlight Project

“With rises in the cost of living, it’s a difficult time for many families, but we’re doing all we can to make a life-changing difference across Teesside. Better’s supported us with a significant project last year, taking the charity through a name change and rebrand, which brought our identity in line with the journey we’ve been on over the past 10 years.

“The process was really structured and engaging. We now have a much clearer foundation and more defined brand strategy for the phase of the charity. To help launch the brand, the team at Better worked with us on the brand launch and the redevelopment of our website and ESG volunteering section, which is a significant platform for us to promote our work.

“We can’t thank the team at Better enough.”

Diane Williamson

Charity Manager, The Teesside Charity