Building better brands

Our proven BetterBrandBuilder™ process is designed to truly understand, concisely describe and distinctively visualise your brand.


BetterBrandBuilder™ is an engaging and inclusive experience designed to create visually remarkable brands that are genuinely relevant to you and your audience.

Our proven three stage process identifies your unique points of difference, distills the ‘why’ that powers your brand and captures your authentic beliefs to build a story that you can own. This powerful new brand story informs your brand character and fuels the creation of your new identity and visual brand world.


Discover is all about translating business, service and market insight into opportunities and recommendations for your new brand. It lifts the lid on your business, uncovering themes, soundbites and a deep understanding of your organisation through the eyes of internal and external stakeholders.

Building your brand should be an inclusive and engaging process across your business, with authenticity at its heart. Discover is a bespoke and flexible stage based on your brief, requirements, timescales and budget. The Discover stage can include a combined programme of immersion, research, workshops, visits, and competitor analysis culminating in the delivery of a strategically valuable Discover Report. Discover can also include an engagement programme which helps challenge and validate the perception of your product or business, both internally and externally, providing a valuable and independent viewpoint on your current position and future opportunities.

Using the information and insights we’ve captured, the Discover Report paints a hyper-accurate 360 degree picture of your business, your competitors and marketplace offering recommendations and opportunities for the evolution of your new brand.


Part verbal and part visual, Create describes your brand by distilling your who, what, how and why then it translates this brand print into a distinctive identity and visual brand world.

Building on the learnings of Discover, the Create phase begins by building a unique verbal framework which will become the foundation of your new brand. This new Brand Story distills your brands core beliefs and personality and concisely articulates exactly what you do, how you do it differently, who you do it for and most importantly why they should care.

Using this Brand Story as the cornerstone, we build a new brand identity and visual world by collaboratively exploring visual themes and testing prototype design directions. Using feedback from these prototypes we create a singular brand concept that reflects the themes in your story, the personality in your archetype and crafts a visual brand world for future brand communication.


Build refines your brand world and resolves any assets needed to bring it to life. Finally, we deliver your brand toolkit along with comprehensive brand guidelines to keep it on track.

Once the identity and brand world concept is approved, we refine it, rationalise it and implement any final rounds of feedback. We also craft any addition assets required to bring your brand to life this may include photography, cgi, illustration or type design

With all the assets for your brand toolkit complete, we provide comprehensive guidelines to cover implementation and keep the brand on track through launch and beyond.

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