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The past 12 months have seen us partner with some of the world’s leading challenger brands who are disrupting categories while contributing to a better planet.

15th October 2022

15th October 2022


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James Bolton

James Bolton

James Bolton

Written by James Bolton,
Creative Copywriter

Alongside creative storytelling across a variety of channels and audiences, James helps define our client propositions by creating unique brand stories and verbal guidelines that get to the heart of their purpose and mission.

On the back of our strongest revenue to date last year, we’ve built on momentum by welcoming a host of exciting new clients and continuing to evolve our brand building process.

A big part of this has focused on progressive, cause-driven challenger brands that radically disrupt their categories with innovative products and a more responsible approach. The first cluster of these projects saw us work with Europe’s best-selling kombucha, Equinox, America's leading non-toxic laundry detergent company, Dropps, and New York-based beauty brand, One Ocean.

Since then, we’ve continued our relationship with global investment house, The Craftory, to become the preferred partner agency for worldwide consumer packaged goods brands, including Freddie’s Flowers, HIPPEAS and DYPER.

As businesses looking to leap from $20m revenue to $200m and beyond, these brands face similar yet distinctive strategic challenges. Often, they’re going through an intense period of change – trying to match the spending power of the incumbents, while attempting to patiently scale and manage growth.

As well as being visually remarkable, our work is rooted in strategic thinking that supercharges brands and separates the impact-focused heroes from the rest of the category. While every project has followed a tailored process based on the demands of the brief, each has been designed to build strong foundations that amplify long-term success. Our work has covered a broad scope of activity, from strategic, science-led marketing to storytelling, identity, packaging and creative direction.

JP Thurlow, Craft Partner at The Craftory, said: "Our CPG brands require a higher level of service, and this is why so many of them have chosen to partner with Better.

“We like Better because they are both strategic and aesthetic. Originating a good looking, professional design system is one thing, but crafting a truly distinctive brand by leveraging category and consumer insight is quite another."

From their HQ in Scottsdale, Arizona, DYPER is destroying the category dichotomy of disposability and environmental responsibility. Made with remarkably soft, responsibly-sourced materials, their Simply Kind Diapers are reinventing baby care norms. Building on a purpose to be simply kind – that means kind to baby AND to the home we all share – every decision they make is focused on redefining kind for the category. We helped them define this narrative which is set to be launched and rolled out during Q4, alongside creating brand equity and distinction across their existing assets. Beyond the strategic roots of the brand, we also enhanced its packaging with subtle verbal and visual changes.

Responsible Diapers & Briefs

Alex Vailas, SVP, Brand Marketing at DYPER, said: “Working with Better has been transformative for our organisation. We have walked away with category-defining design and branding that is backed by consumer research and honours the identity of our company. Thanks to Better, we are fully equipped to scale to new heights.”

By attracting direct-to-consumer clients like DYPER, as well as fast-growing sustainable subscription service, Freddie’s Flowers; and organic, better-for-you snacktivists, HIPPEAS; we’re carving a new path while retaining our core BetterBrandBuilder™ service, which is suited for sectors as varied as corporate, community and place-making.

And as the lines between business and society continue to blur, we’re helping organisations of all shapes and sizes find an authentic banner to march behind. One that not only creates a grounded, well-informed brand but also builds a more inclusive, sustainable and future-focused world – regardless of industry or financial objectives.

Paul Bell, Client Relationship Director at Better, said: “Our project wins over the past year have really allowed us to break new ground. Building on our established client base, we’re proud to welcome fresh new faces to our growing international portfolio. Together with our long-standing clients, these newly forged partnerships are helping to reinforce and build our reputation.

"Seeing the brands we work with online, on the high street and on both sides of the Atlantic is testament to our growth as an agency, and the calibre of work we’re producing.”

From our home at the heart of Middlesbrough’s historic quarter in the North East of England, we’ve built a diverse portfolio of partners covering everything from maritime and manufacturing to tech, regeneration, soft drinks and skin care. Having the opportunity to work with emerging household names, as well as ambitious, open-minded, and value-driven change-makers, is an exciting chapter in our story so far.

As we move to the end of the year and into 2023, we’re super proud to not only be making brands better for clients and consumers but making our planet and society better too.

Keep an eye on our latest projects for more.

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