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The Journey of a Junior Digital Marketing Executive

27th February 2018

The Journey of a Junior Digital Marketing Executive

The Journey of a Junior Digital Marketing Executive

After the success of our first digital marketing intern in 2016 and the launch of our London office earlier in 2017, we’ve expanded our team once again and appointed a new digital marketing intern. Rachael joined us in October and here she tells us more about her journey before Better, and how she has adapted to working life at a brand agency following her Masters Degree.

My Journey before Better

After taking A-level Psychology at sixth form, I became interested in the complexity of the brain and understanding human behaviour. I decided to study Psychology at the University of Liverpool and I found that there was a large amount of material that related to marketing. From learning about the neurological underpinnings of motivated behaviours to the psychology of decision making, I became more interested in consumer behaviour.

Undertaking a psychology degree before going into marketing allowed me to to gain a psychological insight into consumer behaviour and highlighted the importance of the customer’s perception.

By the time I had completed my undergraduate degree, I was sure I wanted to pursue a career in marketing but I wasn’t sure which area. After considering different paths, I decided I wanted to do a Masters degree in ‘Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations’ to gain an overall and in-depth understanding of stakeholder management, global marketing, brand management, reputation management, media relations and social media. Brand Management and Social Media Marketing were two of the modules I was most interested in.

I was required to do a research project at the end of my Masters degree and I used the opportunity to explore digital marketing and the power of electronic word-of-mouth and investigated the impact of video blogging on consumer behaviour. The research paper included psychological models, combining my interests into one 12,000 word report.

After finishing my Masters degree in September, I started looking for a job that would allow me to gain marketing experience.

I searched for agencies in the area and found the Better website which gave me the impression that the company was friendly and approachable. Whilst exploring the website I came across a tweet advertising a digital marketing role and I applied through email by demonstrating my interest in digital marketing.

A couple of days later I was contacted and invited in for an interview for the position, which turned into a friendly chat with the Digital Director, Adam. The following week I was invited back to meet the Managing Director, Mark, and to briefly talk through a digital marketing plan that I had prepared. I was delighted to be offered the position in the second interview and accepted there and then!

I was welcomed into the team around two weeks later and the relaxed and friendly atmosphere put me at ease immediately.

Putting it all into practice

After three months working at Better, I am sure that the company culture is as friendly as I first perceived it to be.

I feel the knowledge I had gained before coming into this role has been very useful as I was already aware of importance of creating content and measuring KPIs. Although creating content was difficult at first, I soon got into the swing of things as I learnt to go through the strategic process of looking at the brand language, key messages and target audience of each client before starting to plan content.

My understanding of brand management, including the importance of brand awareness and the perception of brand personality from a psychological point of view, has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the unique BetterBrandBuilder™ process.

The digital marketing position has allowed me to develop my skills in a specific area and working in a brand agency has allowed me to gain an insight into the development of brands and see the BetterBrandBuilder™ to work its magic.

Over the past few months I have learnt how to create original and engaging content which is consistent with different brands’ values, personalities and key messages, as well as analysing statistics from social platforms and websites at the end of each month.

Working as a Junior Digital Marketing Executive has allowed me to gain experience using software and content management systems that I hadn’t had much experience with before, including Sprout Social, WordPress and Google Analytics. I have also had the opportunity to complete a number of online courses to expand my knowledge, with a focus on inbound marketing and Google Analytics.

I look forward to expanding my digital marketing knowledge further, as well as learning more about the BetterBrandBuilder™ process, with a particular interest in how the findings from the DISCOVER stage are implemented in the CREATE and DELIVER stages. I am also keen to be involved in the formulation of digital marketing strategies and campaigns in the future.

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