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Redefining possible with Chartwell

By clarifying their strategy and revitalising their brand, we've helped a leading global consultancy firm prepare for a new phase of growth.

5th March 2024

James Bolton

James Bolton

James Bolton

Written by James Bolton,
Brand Strategist & Creative Copywriter

With an international presence spanning Europe, the US and further afield, Chartwell is a high-performance operations consultancy designed for ambitious manufacturing leaders. They unlock hidden potential across industries such as pharmaceuticals, speciality chemicals and consumer goods, delivering swift, tangible results, which turn operational inefficiencies into lasting improvements.

Following a decade of organic growth, Chartwell is now gearing up for its next chapter with bold plans to triple in size, broaden its client base and increase outbound marketing. As a catalyst for this transition, we evolved the brand and online presence to reflect their dedication to excellence and trusted role in delivering meaningful transformation for some of manufacturing’s biggest players.

Chartwell new logo

Progress through productivity

Consisting of specialist consultants around the world, Chartwell’s team embeds into their clients’ operations, uncovering constraints and working collaboratively to prioritise only the most far-reaching improvements. Their impact often goes beyond the boundaries of a single project – empowering environmental progress, bringing critical products to market faster, and allowing innovative technologies to make a life-changing difference. But where previous work largely stemmed from referrals and word of mouth, there was a collective realisation that a new approach was needed to take things to the next level.

We built a distinctive verbal identity from the ground up, defining a consistent voice and authentic narrative that told their story. This confidently conveys their unique proposition and effectively communicates what truly sets them apart. After sharpening the strategy, we refreshed Chartwell’s visual identity to position it as progressive and adaptable while still appealing to its core audience and challenging bigger competitors.

Chartwell Big Idea - Redefining Possible

Sam Scalamogna, Global Head of Marketing at Chartwell, said: “Driven by a deep understanding of our audience and a commitment to staying ahead in a dynamic market landscape, we are proud to present a brand that reflects our evolution, innovation, and relentless pursuit of step-change improvements.

“The rebranding is more than just a new logo or name. It’s a comprehensive update of our visual identity, messaging, and user experience, better communicating our core values and meeting the changing needs of our clients.”

Our Client Services Director, Paul Bell, added: “Working with Chartwell is another really proud moment for us. With an impact that stretches across industries and borders, it’s a partnership that fits perfectly with our mission to power progress on several levels.

“The new brand sets Chartwell on course towards an ambitious future, as they look to firmly establish themselves as the top-tier consultancy of choice.”

We’ve also brought the brand to life online through the expertise of our digital team. Chartwell’s new website is pivotal in launching and activating the brand, serving as the initial touchpoint for most of its audience. As a bespoke build tailored to their needs, the digital platform is designed to raise awareness, drive sales and attract talent. Alongside this, the website highlights their experience by showcasing insights through key results, relatable case study content and thought-leadership pieces.

Chartwell new website.

Rolling out Chartwell's new brand.

Our Creative Director, John Taylor, said: “Chartwell was about balance. We needed to create something that visualised the vast improvements they bring to their clients. But we also had to ensure it still felt grounded in clarity, simplicity and conveyed a certain degree of gravitas.

“The new look and feel retains established brand equity in the symbol while embracing a modern and minimal aesthetic, mixing tradition with precision and contemporary design. All informed by an authentic and cohesive verbal identity.”

Keep an eye on our projects for the full case study shortly.

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