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Engineering the future with Francis Brown

In a constantly evolving sector, we’ve protected Francis Brown’s past while positioning the brand for a progressive future.

6th November 2023

James Bolton

James Bolton

James Bolton

Written by James Bolton,
Brand Strategist & Creative Copywriter

Francis Brown is an industry-leading engineering firm, providing high-integrity, bespoke fabrication and specialist solutions for worldwide partners. Since 1903, their progressive excellence has brought simplicity to highly intricate and often large-scale projects.

Working with innovators across energy, defence and construction, Francis Brown’s time-served expertise, cross-industry versatility and 4,500 sq m of workshop space, allows them to meet the demands of a constantly evolving sector.

Following a change in leadership, new business streams and the conclusion of an independent internal and external survey, we were tasked with modernising their brand. With goals to improve recognition, increase sales, as well as attract and retain talent, our work focused on repositioning their strategy and identity, making it ready for a more sustainable and outward looking future for engineering.


Forged in progressive excellence

For 120 years, Francis Brown has achieved remarkable results by leveraging their vast experience. Through meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of complex processes, they’ve streamlined operations and created seamless solutions for the likes of BAE Systems, Anglo American, Worley and Venator.

Now in the fourth iteration of family ownership, we wanted to reflect and express this rich heritage and knowledge. But it was also about looking forward too. We heard how the engineering sector is experiencing a period of fast-paced change, driven largely by ongoing environmental concerns and recruitment challenges.

With an eye on the issues and opportunities facing the engineering landscape, we set about elevating Francis Brown’s history of constant adaptation and improvement; making them ready to shape a brighter future not only for themselves but also for their partners and the wider world.

As well as serving as a tool for leadership, the brand strategy places both customers and company culture at its core, with the aim to usher in new standards and new levels of responsibility. There’s also an onus on the power of teamwork, backing up their ability to harness the combined skills of the 100-strong team, and complementing their commitment to dynamic collaboration.

Francis Brown new brand and identity.

Francis Brown, CEO, Jamie Brown, said: “The brand refresh builds on our rich heritage and legacy, allowing us to guide the next generation and strive higher as both a business and individuals. We now look, feel and sound like the organisation we’ve grown into. Progressive excellence is the perfect encapsulation of that.

“Small continuous improvements, added together over 120 years; all those marginal gains, all those refinements in mastery have brought us to this point. And they’ll take us into the future too.”

Our Client Services Director, Paul Bell, added: “There’s a great deal of responsibility that comes with managing any brand. But when it’s a brand that’s been a testament to endurance and expertise for over a century, it brings an added sense of duty. In an ever-changing world, it was important to carefully retain their spirit of dependability and independence.

“Through modernised verbal and visual language, we’ve brought simplicity and forward momentum to the brand, helping to respect the past while reflecting their role as a future-focused, beacon of precision engineering.”

Francis Brown's new brand and identity.

The new brand positions Francis Brown for their next stage of growth. By taking the strength of the past, they can forge a future that’s cleaner and more collaborative than ever before. One that powers progressive excellence for the next 120 years and beyond.

Visit the project page for the full case study.

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