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Elevating home mobility

Continuing our partnership with Access to launch the all new Flow X stairlift.

30th October 2020

James Bolton

James Bolton

James Bolton

Written by James Bolton,
Brand Strategist & Creative Copywriter

Just over a year on from completing their global rebrand, we’re delighted to have continued our partnership with Access by helping to launch their all new, industry-leading Flow X stairlift.

As part of global technology giant thyssenkrupp, Access makes life easier for people by supplying stairlifts, homelifts and platform lifts to partners across Europe, South-East Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Following a teaser campaign throughout September, Flow X launched at the start of last month, with a message to provide seamless movement and outstanding levels of comfort, confidence and craftsmanship.

Flow X Instagram Mockup

We worked closely with their marketing team to build an engaging digital strategy for the new product, including developing key messages, art directing photography and creating an all new product logo. The former unpicked Flow X’s unique product features and translated them into key user benefits, while the latter was aligned with the brand guidelines we developed last year. We also worked with Access to create marketing collateral including a teaser website with a countdown to the launch, dedicated product brochure and a dedicated launch page and video.

Access photography - seamless

With premium quality and innovative technology at its core, we elevated Flow X to create a sense of sophistication not typically associated with the stairlift industry. This was inline with last year’s rebrand, which focussed on amplifying a new, more aspirational luxury-tech feel for the brand. Ultimately, this was informed by a fusion of consumer technology brands and luxury interior design to create something completely unique within the home mobility market.

The rebrand also saw a complete rethinking of art direction and imagery, with additional photoreal CGI settings developed to offer a modern minimal ambience that allows the viewer to focus purely on the product.

Commenting on the rebrand, Adam Wakes, Marketing Manager at Access said:

“What we’ve created is a fusion of consumer technology brands and luxury interior design, giving us something that we think is really fresh. It’s a unique brand for the home mobility market.

“We were delighted with the reception the new brand received, and we’re excited about what it means for the future of Access BDD and our partner network.”

For the Flow X teaser content, there was a strong focus on carefully revealing the stairlift’s key features, without giving away it’s overall look, design or features. This helped create interest and intrigue, hinting at a premium quality product that felt more akin to the new iPhone or MacBook than a mobility aid.

Access photography - control

The launch photography continued a similar theme, while also unpacking some of Flow X’s product features and more lifestyle-led benefits. The stairlift’s high quality fabrics and finishes were a particular focus, as well as its air of exclusivity. An accompanying video, filmed on a custom-built set, followed suit by amplifying the product’s unique feel and overriding message of seamless movement and outstanding levels of comfort, confidence and craftsmanship.

Even the name had to sound forward-thinking and at the cutting-edge of design. Flow X was chosen over Access’ previously simple numerical product namings. The product wordmark was set in the same bespoke typeface we created for last year’s custom built brand, once again reinforcing the brand’s overall personality and helping to achieve the perfect luxury-tech feel.


Creative Director, John Taylor, said: “Following a brand evolution and refresh last year, it’s been exciting to continue rolling out Access’ new look and strategic position across an innovative and highly-crafted product.

“Slowly teasing the key product features without revealing too much detail was an interesting challenge, but with the support of the team at Access we’ve been able to launch an industry-leading product with a fresh and ultra-modern feel that’s completely new for both the industry and organisation.”

Thanks to Adam Wakes and all at Access for their support on this project and continuing our brand partnership.

Take a closer look at our previous work with thyssenkrupp and Access.

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