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Be Better Informed – June 2010

1st July 2010

Be Better Informed – June 2010

Be Better Informed – June 2010

My latest shout out about what’s buzzing in the Better studio.

Things are hotting up, and I don’t just mean the weather.
What a blur of activity the last couple of months have been.

We’ve attended some great events and recent conferences, and we’ve welcomed new clients on board that we’re really excited about. We’ve also been continually impressed by the commitment that our existing clients show to their customers, which we support them with through their brand and marketing activity.

Investing time and resource in new product development (NPD) was always part of our long term strategy, and this has already started to reward our efforts. Our new digital product (currently in development) is on target for our scheduled release date and we’re already having some exciting conversations with prospective clients in the B2C and B2B sector who want it as part of their brand/marketing tool box. Over the coming months we’ll be getting set for launch and I’ll be in a position to talk to you more about it.

Part of the investment in our digital product has been to recruit a new member of the team who has headed up the development. Ian Chilton, who brings to Better a decade of digital experience, has taken overall responsibility for our digital project management and is a fundamental driving force behind our NPD. Having Ian join our team is indicative of our growth over the last 18 months. He joins Senior Web Developer, Simon Scarfe to create a skilled digital team capable of delivering fantastic results for our clients and positioning Better for further growth.

We’d also like to say a warm welcome to some nice new clients.

Please look out for them, they’re great businesses and organisations led by good people.

Contemporary Hair Salons.
The team at Contemporary have appointed us to help them develop their brand and deliver a new marketing and social media strategy for the salons and hair academy. We’ve been busy helping them make the most of the opportunity for using social media to connect with their audience and putting in place the channels to power the conversation. This includes an new website for the Hair Academy.

Five Lamps.
Five Lamps is one of the largest community led social enterprises in the North East. We’re so pleased to have won the pitch to help re-develop their corporate website and the supporting development of the organisation’s digital footprint. The new website (coming soon!) will help their diverse audiences find information faster and gain an insight into the organisation via their social media channels, presenting them with a great opportunity to engage with their community.

Jacksons Law Firm.
Jacksons Law, one of the regions major law firms has appointed Better to develop a social media strategy for the business. Law firms have traditionally held back from this kind of marketing engagement but Jacksons see the relevance social media has for it’s clients and believe it provides a perfect opportunity to open the door on what a law firms do apart from represent their clients, offering advice across a wider spectrum of business and personal requirements.

Quay2 Media.
Quay2 Media is a PR agency with a difference. Owned by Christian Cerisola and Antonia Clifford, Quay2 Media excels in public relations, media relations and crisis management. We’re proud to have been chosen by the Quay2 team to deliver the design and development of their new website.

Lead and Transform.
The inspirational Alison Freer and Colin Ashurst are working with us to develop the brand and online presence that will support the launch of their new business. Lead and Transform deliver development, education and consulting specifically for IT leaders, IT professionals and senior business people who want to get more from their IT investments.

Above and Beyond…
Going the extra mile for your client is something we’re all prepared to do but I want to mention Paul’s two day round trip to Aberdeen to support one of our clients who needed a fresh supply of promotional materials for an international expo. Putting in a full day in the office and then jumping on a train (One of four over the two days) at 7pm, an overnight stay in Edinburgh and then a dawn start to ensure the client had them on time showed real commitment. He even spent the day on the stand with the client helping out before setting off home (which he finally arrived at 11pm).

Being part of your team is better…
Working long term with our clients brings huge benefits. We get closer to the culture within our client’s company which makes our work intrinsically better and the client ensures there is no delay in generating their day to day marketing communication. MPI Offshore, Anabas, Artsbank, Chapters Hotel and The House work with us regularly.

From the Blog.

We’d rather contribute to the conversation than sit on the fence.
That means poking your head up above the parapet to get shot at. We have opinions and ideas we’d like to share so here’s one of our most recent blog posts.

Be a Storyteller Brand (written by Declan, our Marketing Director).

I recently enjoyed a two day storytelling seminar given by Robert Mckee, the legendary story doctor who has worked with luminaries of the movie industry for more than 3 decades. Stories are art, crafted to take the reader on a journey designed by the author to deliver a meaningful emotional experience. This seminar, and I recommend you seek out one of Robert’s London seminars if you have the chance, provided me with a rich learning experience that helps me in my desire to understand better the correlation between our emotions and values and the brands we buy.

Out and about.

Where we’ve been and where we’re going.
Declan and myself had high expectations for Thinking Digital Conference this year and we weren’t disappointed. Highlights included the Robert Mckee Storyteller course prior to the conference starting and speakers like Christian Payne, Luis Von Ahn, Tom Scott and the inspirational Ken Banks.

I’ve been fortunate to have spoken at the Teesside University Business School Debates (amongst others), and was proud to represent the team at the Service Network Culture for Success Awards which was a great evening. I’m also looking forward to Middlesbrough’s first business conference on 1st July and speaking at both the Institute of Directors Tees Valley meeting and Business For Breakfast meeting next month.

From left field (but it shouldn’t be).

Jonathan Harris. An old favourite of ours since his presentation at the first Thinking Digital conference.
Particular favourites from his online projects include The Whale Hunt and We Feel Fine. Take a look at

Social Media updates.

From our Flickr Channel.
We’ve updated our Flickr channel with pictures from some of the recent goings on in the world of Better.
Check out some of the photos of the recent Thinking Digital 2010 Conference at the Sage Gateshead.

From our YouTube Channel.
Some great new videos from a friend of ours, Alastair Griffin.

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