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10 things you may not know about Better

18th November 2010

10 things you may not know about Better

10 things you may not know about Better

As featured on the Network News from Service Network….

1. We called our company ‘Better’ to be both a challenge to us (to continually improve) and also to highlight the needs of our clients to have a better brand, marketing strategy, digital and social media presence.

2. We’ve talked to approximately 1500 business leaders in the past two years about the strategic implementation of social media within their businesses.

3. We’re keen supporters of charity and don’t mind making fools out of ourselves for a good cause. We’ve been honored to be part of the team that organise the North East Twestival which is an annual global gathering of Twitter users for fun, drinks and raising money. Twestivals are ran on the same day in over 100 cities across the globe for the last two years which has helped local and international charities. Mark Easby and Declan Metcalfe are also currently raising money by growing their mustaches for Movember. The funds raised through Movember’s UK campaign benefit the The Prostate Cancer Charity (TPCC), the UK’s leading prostate cancer charity. The money raised is channelled by their men’s health partner into a number of world class and innovative education, support, research and awareness initiatives.

4. We won a digital award for a social media campaign in our first year in business and was both a winner and finalist at last years North East Business Awards. We’ve also just been shortlisted for the Best New Business Awards. Recognition from the North East business community is important to us but the people we work with (clients and the team) is what drives us forward.

5. Amongst the owners of the company, one of us has been a life guard, one of us has been a tank driver/gunner in the Army, one of us invented a product at University and one of us climbs mountains for fun.

6. We’re just about to launch a social media product that has been developed with a partner company in the North East. We’ve already had some serious interest from national companies in varying industry sectors.

7. We work with a number of enterprise and educational organisations in our local area to help raise awareness of the creative industry to young people, raise their aspirations, and pass on our experiences in the hope they see they have opportunities too.

8. We have [intlink id=”13″ type=”page”]clients[/intlink] in the public sector and private sector, both nationally and local. We’ve over 50 years of accumulated experience in the company so we’ve been able to work with clients in all business sectors and with companies of all sizes.

9. We’ve recently moved into bigger offices to accommodate our growing team. We’re based in the Springboard Centre in Stokesley which is an environmentally sound building that harvests rainfall, solar gain and sensory ambient temperature control that means we have a very small carbon footprint. We don’t understand the technology but it makes us feel good knowing we don’t impact the planet too much!

10. Mark and Declan have only played 3 rounds of golf between them this year but have managed to lose over 15 golf balls.

If you would like to get us know us better, or have some golf balls to donate to Mark and Declan then just give us a call on 08451 222611.

Find out more about Better and the team by joining us on the following social media channels:


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