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Developing the Lumo brand was key to differentiating our R&D service from the work we do as an accountancy practice. The brand is bright, vibrant and distinctive which reflects our approach and helps set us apart from others.

It is not only visually striking and easily recognised though, the brand is built around our key proposition and has defined Lumo’s positioning as not just ‘writing up history’ (to make a tax claim), but being actively engaged in helping businesses to exploit innovations strategically. The brand has enabled Lumo to gain a great reputation in the market place and win some big name R&D claims helping Lumo to almost doubled the turnover from year end 31 March 2019!

Although we only launched our new name and brand a year ago it feels like a well-tailored suit we’ve been wearing for years and the Better team were fundamental in helping us realise this.

We took a risk potentially losing the respected brand equity we’d created over the last 14 years in Acceleris and Limelight, but it was the right move and Better exceeded expectations in capturing the essence of Definition and what we stand for. Our new name and look has unified us and better represents our belief in the power of reputation as a driver of personal and business opportunity. I also believe it’s been a key factor in us raising the bar on the calibre of international work we have won this year - often against global agency networks.

We had grown up and it was time to change our brand look and feel to reflect this. 2018 was the year of rethinking, redesign and repositioning for Equinox.

With the new brand complete, the big boys started to take notice. New partnerships with Holland & Barrett, Co-Op and Mitchells & Butler and investment from Yeo Valley.

Metropolitan appointed Better as lead agency as we were really impressed by their process, experience, passion and energy.

Following their work on the place brand for our flagship development at Clapham Park, we are also looking forward to working with Mark and the team at Better to develop scheme led brands for a number of our other development projects across the South.

One of the most important outcomes of the rebranding project is enhanced clarity and understanding of the corporation’s overall mission and vision by internal and external stakeholders.

Additionally the new visual brand identity now represents the organisation and is supported by clear guidelines providing the foundation for our modern communication requirements.

After working initially on some small creative projects, Better have become a key part of the PD Ports marketing function helping us to deliver brand continuity across all our online and offline media.

They are a friendly and experienced team, they are always prepared to go the extra mile.

Better are just awesome, if you’re looking to rebrand, you definitely need to consider these guys. From the moment we sat down with Mark Easby, Director and Founder of Better, I knew this was the right agency to go with.

Up until now, our brand hasn’t reflected what we do at Baltic, and it doesn’t really have a relation to the new service we provide. For me, I wanted to use this rebrand to get the passion and enthusiasm that is presented by our employees daily, across to external customers, and Better picked up on this straight away. Better don’t just look at the cosmetics of a brand, they want to know who the company are, who are their employees, what do their employees think of the business, who are their customers? By gaining this much insight into our company, Better were able to uncover the essence and heart of our business and then used this to develop a brand to represent our values and mission. The knowledge, skill set and creativity that Better has is so inspiring, and I genuinely can’t thank them enough for helping develop our new brand.

Having decided that our firm was in need of modernising its identity, there was only the Better team and the BetterBrandBuilder™ process that we would have chosen.

Knowing of their work for many years, the trust that developed was invaluable to us for the project. Working in a highly regulated industry, this threw up many challenges not dealt with before. Rather than being daunted, the Better team became excited and took it all in their stride throughout the entire process. The end result being a new look, feel and excitement that was way beyond what we were expecting. Feedback from external parties has also been excellent, with most now saying the new brand accurately reflects the firm we have become.

We chose Better as our partner agency not only because they came highly recommended with very credible local endorsement, they also had an impressive and immediate understanding of aims of project.

With their BetterBrandBuilder process, and supporting creative and digital in house skills, they were able to support all aspects of the project from brand development to digital delivery. Better’s experience of brand strategy and development ensured our rebrand process uncovered, challenged and delivered key insights which helped inform a clear positioning and creative direction for the new brand. Once the brand project was completed Better worked with us on a number of priority marketing materials and new website which will become the hub of our digital marketing and help drive our sales and business development. Although it is early days, we have received fantastic initial feedback re our new brand design and website, which will undoubtedly have a commercial impact in future. I’d be very happy to recommend Better.

Through the brand builder process Better went out of their way to understand not just our organisation but our sector and how we sit within it.

The nuances they picked up were beyond anything I’d expected. This led to a brand that projects all the things we had hoped for, plus a few angles that we had never focused on but realised as a result of the process that we should. It also meant the project was pretty effortless for us as their resulting brand work hit the mark first time. We’re very glad that in the end we made the decision based solely on quality. The team were a pleasure to work with and I’d wholly recommend them.rly days, we have received fantastic initial feedback re our new brand design and website, which will undoubtedly have a commercial impact in future. I’d be very happy to recommend Better.

Our firm is at a crucial stage in its development as 2016 saw us exceed our growth expectations. Therefore, it’s important that our brand reflects our plans and showcases what we do and how we do it.

The team at Better have done an incredible job of defining and creating our new brand story which is already having an impact on every part of the firm, from business development to recruitment.

Casper is beginning a new chapter of growth, service delivery and geographical coverage. We needed a new brand and corporate identity to reflect and support the current business and where we plan to go in the future.

After seeing the impact for other clients, the BetterBrandBuilder was the only choice for us. The impact of the project on our business has been incredible and we’ve established a new brand structure and identity for our group. The inclusive BetterBrandBuilder™ process has meant our staff and customers all have buy-in as they feel that they have contributed. Our team now also understand our vision and mission for the business and what we are trying to achieve. Better have helped us to ‘rebrand’ our way of thinking which in turn is having a major commercial impact on our business.

We went through the BetterBrandBuilder™ process as part of a full branding project and highly recommend it.

It has been an integral part of the process where our team was able to develop a mutual understanding of where we are looking to position the brand. The end result was a clearly defined brand concept that fitted with the vision, mission and structure of the business. Working with you guys is one of the best decisions we have ever made as a firm and we are really looking forward to carrying on our relationship.

We engaged Better to use their BetterBrandBuilder™ process to review our current company name, market position and perception as we were embarking on our next phase of growth and development after a management buyout.

The development of a new company name “Opentree”, with supporting brand guidelines, has been implemented through all aspects of the business including all marketing materials, website, corporate video, exhibition stands and internal/external documentation. The effort required by both sides is large but well worth it as we have now have a brand that is unique, fresh, corporate and reflects our company vision and values with a clear identity representing our “Smart solutions, Real support”. This has helped us grow our UK and now international customer base. These are all blue chip customers dealing with a North East based SME. The Better team has guided us through the process and continue to support us as we continue to develop the business.

Well you certainly pumped up the volume! Kim fully briefed me this morning and judging by the emails last night you obviously ran a great BetterBrandBuilder™ workshop with an enormous amount of creativity; everything I hoped for so many thanks and really looking forward to the feedback session.

When the team presented the visual interpretation of the brand construct, and I speak for the whole team here when I say, the quality of what they showed us was quite extraordinary. The film and the image are exactly what we aspire to be. We are knocked out! Brilliant work and many thanks.

Thank you all so much for your persistence, hard work and dedication – we definitely made the right choice in choosing Better.

Thank you for all your great work, guys. The new website design is not only very powerful but it also provides us with the perfect foundation for our development plans.

The platform’s new marketing and investment management functionality, including the bespoke investment admin system and market leading tools, will be perfect to help our ongoing communication with our growing entrepreneur, investor and partner community.

It’s great to have North East neighbours like Better to lean on for advice and inspiration from time to time.

I still find it baffling just how quickly Mark and the team there can get to the heart of an organisation and understand exactly what makes it beat. That’s what makes them Better.

The BetterBrandBuilder™ workshop is an interesting concept. It seems a bit excessive at first and an unnecessary expense to the business but now, looking back, we certainly don’t begrudge the time or investment.

It forces the team to take a day out of the daily whirlwind and really look at all aspects of the influences on your business. It promotes a great team spirit and you get a really good autobiography of the company out of the day.

It highlights things that you’re good at and identifies areas of weakness that before you may actually have viewed as an area not requiring attention. The fact that you are with the Better team who are looking in from the outside and asking all the awkward questions also helps!

While it provides the foundation for the rebuilding of the brand, we have found that the benefits of this day have extended further than this, not least the increase direction and commitment to who we are and what we want to be in all departments of the business.

Five Lamps really enjoys working with the team at Better.

After putting out a specification to redesign our website and listening to pitches from various agencies, we decided to go with Better because of their enthusiasm, their fresh and innovative approach and their proven track record.

They did not disappoint! Our new website looks fantastic – the team listened to what we wanted and helped us to achieve our mission to have a more professional looking and customer focussed website.

Better are pleasure to work with. They worked with us to develop the ‘do it or else’ campaign and it has made a huge impact within its target audience.

The campaign and the company are innovative, willing to push the boundaries and at the cutting end of design – factors that all contributed to us achieving our targets and desired outcomes with the campaign.

It might seem like just a name, or just a logo, but it’s so much more. The BetterBrandBuilder™ process and impact has created a real buzz about the charity again.

The confidence it gives in the organisation and in yourself is amazing. I would describe the brand and marketing work carried out by Better as the Charity’s saviour.

We could see the impact the new brand could have not only on them but also the impact it could have on all the people they are trying to help. It’s amazing how something so simple can be so powerful. The new brand encompasses everything we are about. I am… is the most positive statement in the world and that is now part of our charity.

Better have worked closely with us on developing and implementing an organisation-wide social media and digital strategy for NECC.

Mark has been key to the success of this project. He certainly knows his stuff and is somewhat of a digital guru. He has a very personable approach and has really helped NECC colleagues to better understand social and digital marketing.