The Journey of a Junior Designer

November 9, 2017

November 9, 2017


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Being creative from a young age, I decided to join CCAD after school to receive the creative freedom I knew I might not get elsewhere. During my studies I developed a passion for branding and identity. I loved the meaning behind the ideas and the brand application as well as translating a visual identity across various print and media executions.

It is arguably the most challenging area of design because it combines multiple disciplines: brand strategy, typography, logo design, editorial design and copywriting. In addition to having a passion for branding and identity, it was a strength of mine and I knew I wanted to pursue a career in this area of design.

I achieved high grades and as my course came to an end, the next logical step was to follow the crowd and apply for a place at university. However, after conducting some research, diving straight into the world of work seemed like the better option. I visited multiple degree shows and was disappointed by the lack of progression moving on from my course.

I felt that an internship would benefit me more, allowing me to learn and progress at a faster pace, while gaining invaluable industry experience.

I developed a portfolio website to display my best work and to my delight I was invited to Better for a chat. After talking through my work and ‘getting geeky’ about design with the Creative Director and Client Services Director, I was offered a 6 week trial period. As someone fresh out of college, with no previous experience in the design industry, jumping straight into a top design agency was a daunting but exciting prospect.

During my initial trial, I gained a good feel for the working environment. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere made work enjoyable and excluding the higher workload and tighter time constraints, I found that it wasn’t too different from college. There was certainly no time to waste, I felt involved as soon as I stepped through the door!

My first task was to help explore different naming strategies for a new brand. Although overwhelming at first, I knuckled down and started to research some of the naming methodologies. I began by learning about the six basic styles of names: descriptive, suggestive, metaphorical, neological, historical and arbitrary. This helped to give me an initial understanding of how to approach naming as it was something I’d never explored in depth.

The brief was to help come up with a name for an R&D tax credit specialist, who aim to help innovative companies claim money back. To appeal to the target audience, companies that are essentially pushing boundaries, I looked into famous innovations such as electricity, telescopes and space travel, and researched the associations these could have with the company. I eventually focused around light and the idea that they make tax credits clearer. This is now in the process of being approved and rolled out. Keep an eye out in the new year for further updates and the big reveal!

There were meetings throughout the process to discuss my progress, assess ideas and designs and to point me in the right direction. This was different to what I was used to, where there was a lack of teamwork and communication. The frequent team interaction has made the design process even more enjoyable.

After a successful 6 week trial period, I was offered a 6 month internship. I am currently a few weeks into it and feel part of the team after recent headshots for the agency website. It feels great to be making my own way into the industry rather than following the standard path of university. Although I have enjoyed all of the tasks I’ve been given, I still experience challenges along the way.

A recent brief from the Lexonik rebrand project was to create a full colour A4 folder and insert style. It took some time and advice to understand and after this I explored multiple options which were analysed and refined. I think one of the most important steps of the process is producing a series of options to take ideas from when creating a final design.

Lexonik - BetterBrandBuilder™ DELIVER - Brochure Design

Lexonik – BetterBrandBuilder™ DELIVER – Brochure Design

I feel I’ve made a lot of progress since working here, picking up multiple tips and tricks to speed up the design process. Working alongside a Creative Director and experienced designers, I have been taught a more focused process that will help me become a better designer. 

Looking forward, I’m excited to be involved in bigger projects from start to finish and have a greater input. I’ve been offered a brilliant opportunity and it’s proved to be a great decision as I’ve already learnt so much about the inner workings of agencies. The work environment is a great place to learn and gain experience, as well as have fun doing what I enjoy. I hope to keep progressing and make my mark in the design world!

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