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March 10, 2016

March 10, 2016


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Mark Easby

As many of you will already know, Kickstarter is an absolute joy to browse, and even more fun to invest in. Especially when you come across something really special. Over the past six months or so, we have invested in a few little projects ourselves, and we think we may just be addicted to it!

For those of you that may not know, Kickstarter is currently the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. It gives people the opportunity to share their ideas, and like-minded individuals can back them if they like them. It’s as simple as that.

Now, we’re a branding agency. We live and breathe design. So it makes sense that the projects we have backed are all creatively led, right? That’s what makes us tick after all. With that in mind, we’d like to share with you the main projects that we have backed recently.

British Rail Corporate Identity Manual

We liked this project from the get go. I mean who doesn’t love looking at corporate documentation from yesteryear? This particular gem is a high-specification reproduction of the 1965 British Rail corporate identity, published in sleek book form, and it needed a whopping £40,000 to get off the ground.

British Rail Corporate Identity Manual

The Kickstarter campaign itself came about at the end of 2015 by London-based graphic designer, Wallace Henning. After a realisation that the British Rail brand was really loved by the nation, whereby the iconic ‘double arrow’ logo was voted as the sixth favourite logo by Creative Review readers in 2011, the conception of this campaign was formed. Writing of the symbol himself, Henning said the following:

“The symbol, created by Gerry Barney at Design Research Unit, has endured beyond its origins and has become a shorthand for Britain’s national rail network.”

NASA Graphics Standards Manual reissue

“Maintaining a strong and unified identity across a country’s railway, ferry and hovercraft network demanded a groundbreaking and extensive piece of graphic design. This book will celebrate British Rail’s identity in its entirety – not only its distinctive symbol.”

After smashing their original goal and crowdfunding a huge £55,102 in total, the book has now gone into publication and has an estimated delivery date of May 2016. We have to admit, we can’t wait!

NASA Graphics Standards Manual Reissue

We have a lot of avid NASA and space fans in the Better studio, so you can imagine how much this sparked our enthusiasm when we clapped eyes on it. With a goal of just over £111,000, this campaign for the reissue of the 1975 NASA Graphics Standards Manual into a hardcover book crowdfunded a total of almost £663,000 by backers from across the globe; and we were part of it!

Reissue of the 1975 NASA Graphics Standards Manual

Designed in 1974 by Danne & Blackburn, and rescinded in 1992 by NASA, this beautiful reproduction was said to be a “celebration of their work and is an effort to preserve and disseminate an archival record of graphic design from the era.”

At the time, NASA’s graphics and communications were fragmented, old fashioned and had no clear, unified voice. This is where small design firm, Danne & Blackburn come in, after being chosen out of a dozen request for proposals from NASA. It was from here that they set about designing their vision.

Reissue of the 1975 NASA Graphics Standards Manual

We’re super excited about getting our hands on our very own copy of this highly-anticipated reproduction and we will be sure to Instagram some snaps once we do!

With Love Project

The last project to be backed by the Better team was the ‘With Love’ project, which is a venture dedicated to finding people who produce things with a passion and purpose. This search has lead to the compiling of content to create a limited edition book that will feature 40 inspiring individuals and their stories.

With Love project Kickstarter

With the help of GF Smith, the book will be published and will include lots of exclusive and previously unseen interviews and photography. With a pledge of £9,000 and 20 days to go, the project has already gained £7,595 with 146 backers. Us being one of them! We have no doubt that they will meet their goal. Why not help them reach it, too?

With Love project Kickstarter

What’s the best project that you’ve ever backed on Kickstarter? Or have you also backed the same projects as us? Tweet us @better_studio, we’d love to know! Keep an eye on our blog for other stuff that we love!

Got a design project in mind yourself? We’d love to chat to you about it. Email the studio on studio@betterbrandagency.com or give us a bell on 01642 989158.