What We Learned from Industry Conference 2016

April 29, 2016

April 29, 2016


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Nathan Cockerill

Members of our Digital team last week attended this year’s Industry Conference based in Newcastle. The event combines web development, design, User Experience (UX) and more, and is delivered by a range of industry leading experts from the likes of Twitter, Etsy, Facebook and SalesForce. It’s one of those events where there is something for everyone who works within our industry.

The variation in the types of talks at this year’s event were once again outstanding. From looking at how, as designers and developers, we can gain a closer relationship with the end user, and how our emotions may affect us when designing. As well as this, we attended a couple of technical talks which us developers found really fascinating.

Better at Industry Conference 2016

One technical talk was by Stephanie Rewis of Salesforce who showed us how she implemented Flexbox into a CSS Framework’s Grid System. The content she delivered during her talk had all of us front-end developers hanging off the edge of our seats. She explained why and how she managed to use Flexbox opposed to normal display and table methods. This is such an exciting development in the CSS world but Stephanie explained that it is not fully supported by all browsers which means unfortunately it cannot be used in all situations.

Another technical talk which left us feeling inspired, was from Wes Bos, a Full Stack Javascript Developer, Teacher and Speaker. Some of the team at Better have previously used Wes’ tutorial videos to improve their coding skills, so they were starstruck in a way. Wes’ talk was all about ES6 and how we can start using it today. He explained that most of the changes from ES5 to ES6 were syntax changes which means that developers can start writing JavaScript code in a much cleaner way.

All of the talks at Industry Conference this year were amazing. Exclusive to this year was an ‘Open Mic Session’ which allowed any members of the audience to ask a speaker a question. This helped the audience gain more of an understanding of designing and developing in web in addition to the talks which happened previously.

Unfortunately, this was the last Industry Conference ever, which is a great shame. Everyone at Better has really enjoyed attending over the years, allowing us to share our thoughts and experiences and help to keep us on top of change in the digital world we live in.

Adam Gatenby, Digital Director at Better said “Industry Conference is an event we always like to attend as it brings together some of the best digital minds from around the world, and also provides great training and networking opportunities. 

“It’s one of the best events in our region, and it’s a real shame that it won’t be returning next year. Not only is it nice to get away from the screen and meet others in the region, but Industry provides so many benefits to continue in broadening the knowledge of our team. We’re constantly looking in ways to invest in our team and conferences like Industry are a perfect fit.”

Words by Nathan Cockerill, Junior Web Developer at Better.