The Legend of Bolckow and Vaughan Lives On

August 12, 2015

August 12, 2015


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Mark Easby

This week, the lovely guys at the Evening Gazette popped into our building at Plenary BV House to explore the former home of Teesside legends, Bolckow and Vaughan.

Based in Queen’s Square in Middlesbrough, our home from home sits pretty amongst buildings steeped in heritage in the town’s historic quarter.

We’re lucky enough to set foot in this fine example of architectural greatness every morning, but it isn’t until the Gazette dubs it ‘Middlesbrough’s most historic building’ that you realise just how amazing it is to be working in an establishment like this.

As mentioned in a previous blog about our move from sunny Stokesley to our present residence, the building boasts beautiful original features such as the saloon room fireplace from the RMS Aquitania.

Exterior of Plenary BV house in Middlesbrough image

Exterior of Plenary BV House in Middlesbrough.

Better studio in Bolckow and Vaughans former home

A look around the Better studio: what we’ve done with the place.

Better studio in former home of Bolckow and Vaughan

A look around the Better studio: What we’ve done with the place.

light fitting in plenary BV house former home of Bolckow and Vaughan

Original light fitting in Bolckow and Vaughan’s former home.

After a whopping half a million pounds investment has been made by the building’s owners, Plenary Project Solutions, the interior has been updated dramatically; from the radiators, to the carpets and the restoration of many of its windows.

window in former home of bolckow and vaughan plenary house middlesbrough

The building holds 6,500 square feet of office space and almost half of it is shared between ourselves, Cool Blue PR and Plenary’s sister company, FNVI Ltd. There are still several more offices available to rent within the building and we couldn’t recommend any other setting that oozes so much history and is so close to the culture and buzz of Middlesbrough’s town centre.

Feel free to come and visit us for a hot or cold beverage, a chat and a nosey around our office!