Building a Strong Brand Foundation

April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015


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Mark Easby

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Okay, so hopefully you’ve read our Brand 101 blog and your interest has been pricked – perhaps this whole brand thing isn’t a charade?

So, where do you start when tackling a brand project? Before getting into the forensic detail of How? first you need to fully understand the Why? Or more specifically, why are you looking to invest in your brand?

Some simple questions should help focus your thoughts…

  1. What problem are you attempting to solve?
  2. Has your target customer profile changed?
  3. Does your brand tell the wrong (or an outdated) story?
  4. Why should anyone care about your brand?
  5. Have you isolated exactly who should care about your brand?
  6. Have their needs, or the way you define them, changed?
  7. Are you leading with your brand direction or following?
  8. If you were starting your business from scratch today, would this be the brand solution you’d settle on?

Essentially you need to fully understand where the business is from a strategic standpoint and use this knowledge to inform how your brand is best positioned to reflect this vision.

Tackling this discovery phase should always be more than merely naval gazing or a self-congratulatory exercise in reflecting how awesome you are…

Tough questions need to be asked and, more importantly, answered with honesty and integrity.

And that’s where Better* come in…

By taking a totally impartial and unbiased view of your business, we effectively get to the very essence of what makes your brand unique across all stakeholder groups. We do this by combining the science of research and probing stakeholder interviews, with the emotion of truly creative insight and strategic thinking. Once discovery is complete, you will have a foundation on which to translate the findings into meaningful steps towards defining your new ‘Brand Story‘.

And that Brand Story will be the very thing the next post in this series will be tackling…

*other branding agencies are available, but none are Better.