BetterBrandBuilder: DISCOVER

July 30, 2015

July 30, 2015


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Mark Easby

Hopefully you’ve read our blog posts and e-books on the importance of brand to your organisation. As ever, education is power and understanding the inherent bottom line value that a well-defined and articulated brand promise can bring is a vital first step in embarking on any investment in your own brand proposition.

It’s quite common that businesses will tend to invest willy-nilly when it comes to brand related projects. You’ll also find that they don’t tend to consider the bigger picture or the fact that badly conveyed messages or a mixture of direction in different marketing materials can actually cause a hinderance by resulting in the loss of trust that your audience has in your brand.

This is where BetterBrandBuilder comes in. In this branding process we take a unique and analytical view of a business and then use this information to drive the creation, development and management of a brand.

BetterBrandBuilder - DISCOVER

The first step of this process is getting down to the bare bones of a brand. This is really looking at your business through a magnifying glass to find out what makes it tick.

This first stage is aptly named DISCOVER. Let’s talk you through it…


The DISCOVER process was designed to pinpoint exactly where a business is. As part of this, we will give you an exact snapshot of how you are perceived by stakeholders, which is just one part of our investigation. We will also go a lot deeper than this, into the root of your business and consider all aspects including both operational and commercial systems that ultimately impede your brand.

Opentree Brand DISCOVER Report & Recommendations.

Opentree Brand DISCOVER Report & Recommendations.

We never ever take any claim you may have about your business at face value. This just isn’t how we operate.

It is our job to get down to the nitty-gritty and really interrogate and investigate to gain a better insight into how you work.

A lot of agencies seem to simply regurgitate exactly what you tell them, before repackaging it and selling it back to you. This is not how we work at all. We intend to go that extra mile and help you create a brand that does its job.

We’ll speak to a variety of stakeholders, both internally and externally, as well as competitors and old customers. We do this as we truly believe that to get the best perspective on your business, it’s imperative to stand back and consider it from all angles; the good, the bad and the truly ugly.

Active Chartered Financial Planners Brand DISCOVER Report & Recommendations.

Active Chartered Financial Planners Brand DISCOVER Report & Recommendations.

Alongside our tried and tested interview approach, we can supplement our fact-finding with workshops and team sessions that are intentionally designed to uncover and extract the true DNA of your company.

At Better, we treat every client in their own unique way. Yep, this may sound like the ultimate cliche, but it’s true! To fully evaluate a brand means that we have to approach each new project with new eyeballs altogether and banish any preconceptions that we may have. This is why it works.

Harlands Brand DISCOVER Report & Recommendations.

Harlands Brand DISCOVER Report & Recommendations.

It’s also why we can bring palpable value to an incredibly diverse range of clients, from multi-million pound renewable energy businesses to independent schools. Even though both of these sectors are worlds apart, the method in which we approach them always remains the same.

The next step in the BetterBrandBuilder process is CREATE, which we will explore in our next blog. Keep your eyes peeled for the next piece in the branding puzzle, or if you can’t wait, give us a shout on or 01642 989158.