BetterBrandBuilder: CREATE

August 5, 2015

August 5, 2015


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Mark Easby

You may have read the latest blog in our series, which focuses on the first stage of our BetterBrandBuilder process; DISCOVER. This blog covers the next phase of our methodical branding system, which is CREATE.

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From the initial groundwork that we have laid through our DISCOVER phase, we will go on to transform our findings into a creative presentation which includes brand messaging that will set you apart from the crowd. You need to understand that it’s not just what you say about yourself, but it’s also pretty important to say it in the right way.

The right message will set you apart from your competitors, which is what you truly want.

Your brand can really prosper from gaining that all-important trust and confidence first and foremost. Building up brand equity this way can lead to creating those longer-lasting relationships with your customers rather than just making a lot of noise at first with nothing to back it up later down the line. We understand that a brand is not just your logo, but it is also a promise to your customers and everyone that invests time into it.

Opentree identity and logo design by Better Brand Agency

BetterBrandBuilder CREATE: Brand Identity and Creative Brand World Development.

Speaking honestly and from experience, it is only you that can influence the perception of your brand. Ultimate ownership is in the hands of everyone who has some involvement in it. This is why we create the tools that allow you to have have those great conversations.

Beginning with a set of core messages, we will then move on to create a visual identity with a supporting brand world that will give you a transparent and measurable point of difference from that of your competitors. We will ensure that all internal and external messaging is consistent throughout and that the messaging never moves away from your brand promise.

Opentree identity and logo development by Better Brand Agency

BetterBrandBuilder CREATE: Brand Identity and Creative Brand World Development

The next phase after both DISCOVER and CREATE have been completed, is the DELIVER stage, which will be detailed in extensive, but easy to digest guidelines to allow you to build that butt-kicking brand footprint that speaks from the heart.

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BetterBrandBuilder CREATE: Brand Identity and Creative Brand World Development

In the next blog in this BetterBrandBuilder series, we will take you through this stage, so don’t forget to check back. However, if you have a project in mind, but can’t wait, then why not give us a call to set up a chat so that we can take you through this process in person? We’d love to hear from you!

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