GSC Grays website launched after major developmental and design changes

April 17, 2014

April 17, 2014


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Mark Easby

We’ve just completed an overhaul of GSC Grays’ website, in which major developmental and design changes have taken place.

The site is now live and kicking, with stunning new features that back up the independent firm’s stellar reputation. Back in 2011 we started working with the land and property specialists on their brand, and so blossomed a ongoing relationship. Since then we’ve been putting our creative and digital noggins to the test, with brand building, website development and loads of other cool stuff like the design of their shop front and sales boards – you might even have seen them around the region.

The new site is a hub of convenience, slick functionality and clever design. It’s smart, quick and action-focused, encouraging the interaction of users on every level. The fresh new design embodies features that we scoped out on the back of extensive research and analysis. In true Better style, we wanted to make changes that would work hard to achieve success.

Website design and development by Better brand agency, for GSC Grays

Firstly, it was imperative that we apply responsive design techniques to the site. Technology advancements in recent years mean that websites are being viewed on a number of different screens, varying in shape and size. It was particularly important to GSC Grays to have a responsive site, with research and analytics telling us that 50% of their users were accessing it through technology other than computers. Using our bespoke CMS, BetterPress, the team implemented the relevant design techniques needed to make the site respond to varying screen sizes.The site now works at optimum level across different technologies, displaying a hierarchy of most important features depending on screen size.

Moving on, we designed and implemented a feature that means relevant information is now pulled in across the site depending on what’s being viewed. For example, if a visitor were to view the ‘Property Agency’ page, at the bottom of the content they would see a prompt to contact Chris Arundel, who specialises in the property agency sector of the business. Oh, and a nice smiley picture of him, too. The website now pulls in relevant people, articles and other content based on what the user is currently viewing. This encourages visitors to take action, and follow a chain of events on the site that will hopefully to lead them making contact. Magic!

One of the smartest new features of the site is an interactive map, which allows visitors to browse properties with specificity and accuracy. Location, as they say, is everything, so GSC Grays wanted to make sure their visitors could gain all they needed out of the browsing experience. The map pulls in data from Vebra, an intelligent piece of estate-agency software,  and displays clean cut summaries of any chosen property at the click of a button.

The work we’ve done with GSC Grays signifies a happy ongoing partnership, which we look forward to continuing in the future. We’re continuing to build our property sector experience including innovative integration and customisation for Vebra property feeds, SEO and social media marketing. We’re forever tailoring our BetterPress platform, too, meaning our web building services are more bespoke than ever. – Mark Easby, MD

Of course, sharing is caring, which is why we also implemented social media share buttons to make it as easy as possible for people to Facebook, Tweet and email any cool properties they find.

The most important thing is that the guys at GSC Grays are really happy with the finished result; we live to please!

If you like the sound of our brand building process, and want to know more about our work with GSC Grays, just follow the links.

In fact, we’re getting pretty darn good at working with Estate Agents in general, especially with some sweet technical skills around integrating Vebra data feed and API. You can see some more examples of our client work with Joplings, Alasdair Morrison and CityLets York. Enjoy!